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I’m a french Chef and artist. I learned pastry art at LADUREE and PIERRE HERME. I’m a self-taught cook, who later on came to be trained by 3 star Chef GUY SAVOY. I develop happenings between ART&FOOD all across Europe. I worked in Germany for Art Gallery VAN DER GRINTEN GALLERIE and (artist SIMON SCHUBERT in 2012 and 2013. I also worked as a food journalist with JULIE ANDRIEUX  and on a web radio show. I’m a consultant for brands and restaurants and I collaborate with newspapers to create recipes and conceptual food. In 2009 I wrote my first cookbook, Delices et Cœur Brûlé  (Agnès Viénot Editions). In 2013, I became the Chef of Paris’ new restaurant and cocktail bar, ARTISAN (rue Bochart de Saron Paris9). I now work as a private Chef and teach cooking.

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